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WSU Academic Advising Association Advisor Certification

Level 2 Certification

Workshops and Roundtables That Suit Your Career Needs

After receiving Level 1 certification, individuals interested in continuing their professional development are encouraged to become certified at Level 2.


Level I certification must be completed prior to attending Level II workshops/roundtables.


To achieve Level II certification, WSU ACADA members must attend a series of professional development workshops and/or roundtable discussions that best suit their career needs. Many are scheduled (see below) and new ones can be proposed (see sidebar).

Level II certification may be earned in three ways:

  1. Attending four, two-hour Level II workshops
  2. Attending three Level II workshops and two roundtable discussions
  3. Attending three Level II workshops and attendance at one local, regional, or national advising conference

Workshop and Roundtable Offerings

Workshops on such topics as advising first-year students, transfer student advising, and career counseling are offered throughout the semester by Academic Success and Career Center (ASCC) staff and other WSU professionals with expertise in specialized areas. More informal WSU ACADA-sponsored roundtable discussions on various topics and WSU services are scheduled monthly. Check the WSU ACADA Calendar often for up-to-date information on scheduled events.


Level II certification must be completed within a two-year cycle beginning on July 1st of the first year, ending on June 30th of the second year. The cycle begins and ends on an even year. For example, the current Level II cycle began on July 1, 2016 and will end on June 30, 2018.

If requirements for Level II certification were not met in a given cycle, the professional development events attended during that cycle cannot be “carried over” into the next cycle.