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The WSU ACADA Mentoring Program connects qualified advisors across the WSU system for professional development through a one-to-one mentor/mentee relationship. Introduced in 2012, the program is designed to provide guidance and structure to ensure the experience is mutually beneficial.


  • Encourage active participation in WSU ACADA and national NACADA events, committees, trainings, and activities
  • Encourage involvement in commissions and offering professional development to seasoned and new advisors
  • Provide leadership development to experienced advisors
  • Provide professional development and networking to new advisors


  • Develop a connection to an involved member of WSU ACADA with advanced knowledge of a specific area of advising
  • Build a network of contacts within WSU ACADA
  • Create a deliberate timeline towards fulfilling professional goals
  • Gain assistance in learning about and utilizing WSU ACADA/NACADA opportunities and resources
  • Get  involved in WSU ACADA activities and leadership opportunities, and earn credit towards Level 2 advising certification
  • Share acquired knowledge and experience with other academic advisors and contribute to the professional development of colleagues


  • To provide a means for academic advisors to receive intentional guidance toward enhancing specific advising skills
  • To provide opportunities for networking among the WSU ACADA leadership, academic advisors, and other professionals in the NACADA community
  • To encourage professional development for excellence in academic advising that meets the stated goals of the mentor/mentees


  • Only WSU ACADA members are eligible to participate in the Mentoring Program
  • Mentors preferably have at least three years of advising experience and have completed both Level I and Level II Advising Training
  • Mentees must have completed Advising 101, 102, and 103
  • Participants must complete a mentoring application and agree to both a one-academic-year commitment to the mentoring relationship as well as the outlined mentor/mentee responsibilities

Mentors and Mentees

Mentors and mentees will be matched by the WSU ACADA Publicity & Engagement (P&E) Committee based on topics of mutual advisor knowledge and interest, such as intrusive advising, career counseling, expanding technology use in advising, developing an advising syllabus, navigating general education requirements, advising veteran students, etc.

Applications are open now and continue on a rolling basis.

The Mentor Application can be found here.
The Mentee Application can be found here.

If you have questions, please contact Alicia Woodard at