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Application for WSU ACADA Mentor


  • Only WSU ACADA members are eligible to participate in the Mentoring Program
  • Mentors preferably have at least three years of advising experience and have completed both Level I and Level II Advising Training
  • Participants must complete a mentoring application and agree to one year commitment to the mentoring relationship

Responsibilities of an advisor mentor

  • Attend Mentoring Program training event
  • Be a Go-To Person for the mentee, acting as a resource for advising questions
  • Model appropriate advising practices including professional development activities
  • Maintain confidentiality and respect in all communication
  • Assist mentee in setting specific learning goals for the semester and timeline for their completion
  • Provide mentee with some appropriate resources to help them meet their learning goals
  • Establish a regular meeting pattern for mentee/mentor communication and feedback on goals
  • Keep scheduled meeting times or give at least 24 hour notification of any cancellation
  • Attend at least one WSU ACADA event (with mentee if possible) per semester
  • Introduce mentee to university faculty and staff when appropriate
  • Complete exit interview and assessment at the end of the year

Application closed until fall 2017. Please contact Alicia Woodard ( with questions.